Saturday, December 20, 2008

Author's Message & Gratitude

In your life, you often come across some beautiful people who leave an impact in your life and really mean a lot to you and then you share a revered relationship with them. Even if they are not with you any more or you cannot take those relationships a leap ahead due to some reasons, still you feel that it’s worth to make those revered relationships unforgettable and a part of your life. Sadia’s Saqi is one such respectable effort. 

There are times when you happily talk to your near & dear ones. It’s never a big deal to have pleasant talks and understand them without even questioning about anything in the times when everything in your relationship is going all right. The real test of any relationship, whether friendship, love, marital or any other is when things don’t get along as expected and there are some misunderstandings in between. It’s this time when your trust and faith towards your relationship is put to test. A successful relationship is the one that overcomes even those hard times of misunderstandings. The depth of your love towards the other in such times gets reflected, when going beyond your esteem and ego, you try to understand the other person and make it a point to sort out things as soon as possible. Such hard times are just to make you realize the importance of other person, whether it be your friend, spouse etc., in your life.  You should optimistically take it as a blessing in disguise as it made you feel and realize the importance of your relationship and so you should try to get over those times as soon as possible. Just think over the times in your relationship, when things used to get along in the best way possible; the time you would have thought that you would never stop talking and misunderstand the other person whatever may be the condition. There are no egos in relationship that would make you think that why would you be the one to take the first step and talk to the other person; instead, he/she should come and sort out things, if he/she wants. Remember, your relationship is not a business that you would either think, that last time, it was you to have sorted out things and this time the other person should take the step, if he/she wants. This ego just kills the relationship. Rather you should be proud of yourself if every time you make it a point to sort out all misunderstandings in order to make your relationship alive again and take it a leap ahead.

I am really sorry if “Sadia’s Saqi” offended or aggravated anyone’s feeling or if any one got hurt in any way while the course of reading. Believe me, really, it was not written to offend or hurt anyone in any way. It also gives me immense pleasure to thank “Sadia” & “Saqi” – the names, as they helped me truthfully emote myself the way I wanted. And of course I would like to thank all the followers of “Sadia’s Saqi”, especially Dina, Lena, Huda, Saima, Poonam, Laiqa, Qurat, Safita, Dona, Jawed, BigB and all other readers. I am sorry if I missed out on any name. To be honest, without your support and encouragement, this would not have been possible at all. I just wanted to see different insights and how everyone whose responses, concern and comments really mean a lot to me, react and perceive things differently. Sometimes with a suggestion, sometimes with comments, sometimes your avid and wait for more to come in next posts, sometimes appreciations, sometimes your inclination towards Saqi’s character and sometimes towards Sadia, you all did the most that was possible from your side to make it better and encourage me to improvise and write more. Sincerely, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for your help and support. I had in mind that this would get extended to around 17-20 chapters, but I had written only 10 when I started posting it. I thought none would get time to even read it and it’s no point emoting and expressing myself here. It was all due to your sincere comments and support that encouraged me to write its remaining part and as now I have all most finished it, I wish I could give it a happy end to at least meet up to the expectations of my readers and finally make all of them smile. I am really sorry for that; Shuhab just couldn’t do it, had he given it a happy end for now, this wouldn’t have remained a truth anymore. But at the same time I must say that this is not the end. It’s said that everything is fine in the end; if it’s not fine, then it is not the end. So just hope for the best.


I think that there are times when none is wrong. Everyone seems to be right in their own way. Everyone has their own set of reasons and apt justifications which at that point of time seem to be pertinent for them, and you can’t question or blame them in any way. I guess, may be, its conditions at those times which are just skewed and not in anyone’s favor and you really can’t do anything, but to see them happen and just be ready to expect the unexpected. And you never know what God has set out for you.

HE is the one with all knowledge of the unseen and HE is the one to decide your destiny. I would like to quote here words from Allama Sir Mohammed Iqbal, which say;


faanoos bankay jiski hifaazat hawa karey …..

woh shamma kya bhujeygi, jisse roshan Khuda karey


Time has always proved that HE is always just in HIS every decision. May be at the moment you would feel that it was injustice towards you, but with the course of time you get to know that what HE decided was actually the best for you in some way or the other. All you have to do is to be patient and have faith in God. HIS decisions are always the best and HE would surely set all things right around everyone.


Lastly, before I finish, I sincerely thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart for your kind support and encouragement to make “Sadia’s Saqi” possible. May God bless you all.

Khuda Hafiz.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

19. Concern, Hope & Faith

Saqi just doesn’t want to blame Sadia for anything that happened. She still is the best and deserves the best. Even not talking to Saqi is her choice, and as a good friend, he should respect that. The concern now is nothing but Sadia. Hope she is good. Hope she is leading her life in the best way possible without having any regret of what happened in the past. Hope she has started to look for the best in her future. Hope she now has lot of good friends around her, better than Saqi, who would think the best for her and she really dares to be herself with them. Hope her parents now at least make an effort to understand their daughter better and give her share of love to her. Saqi doesn’t know anything. He has lost every contact with his loving friend or anyone close to her who could have helped him get his friend back or at least give him any news of her well being. He just knows that he always thought and wished the best for his friend, still thinks the same and would be doing the same in future. He couldn’t think of doing anything for her now but least he could do is to pray for good health of her and her family and that she remains happy in whatever she does and wherever she is. He has all faith in Almighty Allah that HE surely would have planned the best for Sadia which none knows except HIM and Inshallah, all the best of things would be coming her way soon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

18. The Regret

The only thing Saqi regretted as he stepped outside and walked along was that he couldn’t make Sadia understand things the right way as he would have done, had this unexpected event not happened. And there would have been loads of questions in her mind too, which due to this awful game of time, left unanswered. The regret was that even Sadia started to blame Saqi for everything that happened. Without even asking anything, all blames were put on Saqi for no reason. It was all right for others to have reacted in whatever way they wanted as they didn’t know Saqi as a person; but it really shocked Saqi, that even Sadia, knowing everything, too reacted against him after that incident and told Saqi to never contact her again. Saqi couldn’t even speak a word to her. It was the most unexpected thing for him that Sadia would react in such a way. He couldn’t comprehend as to what he did to have hated by her like that. There could have been hundreds of reasons but then Saqi thought that he should respect it if she doesn’t want to talk to him. There was no point to compel Sadia to listen that every word he spoke was truth if she really was not ready to keep up their friendship. Moreover she very well knew Saqi as a person, so she herself should have understood the situation and the reason for Saqi to react that way at that moment of time. And even if she didn’t understand, she didn’t find it important to have at least talked about it even once and tried to sort out things. But what has to happen, happens; and everything that happens is for our own good. So taking this thought, he too didn’t mind if Sadia doesn’t want to talk to him or keep up their friendship if she is happy that way. All Saqi wanted was the best for her and to always see her happy, so he thought that let it be the way she wanted. But then that loss of such a respected and revered friendship really used to hurt him badly. He just wanted to speak out everything to at least ease out his heart. So he found it best to express himself this way.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

17. Last Steps

It was early evening by now and Saqi was supposed to leave for his office. Moreover, Saqi thought it would be better to leave the place before he loses patience. He wanted to clear loads of things with Sadia but the situation and condition would not have allowed that. Neither was she in a condition to understand anything at this time, nor was it appropriate to talk to her in front of all of them. The agony and pain she was going through at the moment was all getting reflected through her heavy breaths and tears which she couldn’t stop. Saqi just felt helpless to have done anything for Sadia at the moment. The condition just didn’t allow that. Without even trying to understand, they disagreed to every word that Saqi said. All the time they kept saying that they knew everything and not to say a word in front of them. On the other hand they asked to answer their questions. Don’t know how that could have been possible. He just couldn’t take it anymore. Their every word was full of hatred for Saqi. He thought, what they actually want to know if they already know everything. He just wished that by some miracle, if someone would make them understand the right things in an apt manner. Their skepticism, raised voices and the unusual way in which they comprehended things made Saqi feel that it was actually pointless to break head in front of them.

Within, Saqi thought that there are times when you can’t actually do anything even though you try your best to; in those times you should leave everything to God and let HIM decide the best for everyone. So taking this thought along, saying “Khuda-Hafiz” to everyone, he walked towards the main entrance door. Sadia’s eyes were getting blood red with satiated tears. She was just inconsolable and as Saqi started to leave the place, he too just couldn’t stop his tears. It was obvious as none of them would have ever even dreamt that their friendship would get ended this way. Saqi just asked himself as to what awful did he do to anyone to get hated by someone like this. He prayed to God to make it easy for Sadia once he leaves; and to give her strength to deal with the situation and most of all, her parents. He just asked God to show them the right path and increase their center to let them comprehend things the right way. That’s all he found appropriate at the moment to have done that was under his control. He thought that let God decide the best for everyone and hoped that a day would come when the conditions would make up everything again as they had broken it for now. Time is the best healer so let the conditions take their time to set the right time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

16. The Pinnacle

Saqi just wished, had God given him a day’s time to have explained everything to Sadia which he already would have, had this unexpected incident not happened. He was already prepared to explain and make Sadia comprehend everything and he was sure that she would understand everything as Saqi’s words always meant a lot to her and she aptly knew that he would not decide anything which would not be in her favor. Saqi was sure that she would respect the fact that he takes her as a good friend and they both would always share a reverent friendship. He just couldn’t comprehend that it would all get ended so fast. As time passed, their blames over Saqi started to reach its pinnacle. His silence had already started to take a toll on him. They even didn’t refrain themselves from saying that they knew what were his real intensions to come there. They were just not ready to listen anything. This was a blame which Saqi just couldn’t take on himself. Without knowing anything and not making any sincere effort to know anything, how could they have commented like that. It was a real test of patience for Saqi and all he found that how true was Sadia in her words when she described her kin. They didn’t even feel a bit of shame to have doubted their daughter’s character. So Saqi thought what would be his existence in front of them. When they are not responsible towards their daughter, with what hope he could even think that they would listen to his words. It was just hopeless to make them understand. Saqi just asked God to give him strength and patience to listen to their every allegation, however awful it would get. He just didn’t care now as to what would they feel. All he prayed was to make it easy for Sadia once he leaves. He knew it is not going to be easy for that innocent girl who just couldn’t stop crying, hearing to this smudged conversation.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

15. Conversations Reaching Apex

And with the course of time, conversations just started to reach towards apex. Every one sitting there was so much elder. Saqi thought whatever they did and said, at the end they were Sadia’s parents and he was supposed to respect that. He talked with them with the same politeness and respect as he would have talked with his own parents. He thought as to how and what should he say that would at least make them realize how their behavior towards their daughter has just made her life ominous and at the same time thought the impact his words would make on them. He thought that if they didn’t understand what he would try to make them comprehend, it would just make their feelings harsh towards their daughter. These all things kept revolving around his mind and he decided not to speak a word of it as it would really make it a lot more difficult for Sadia later. She would lose whatever share of love she had from her parents and that would make her survival even more miserable there. Saqi, as a good friend didn’t mind taking it on him as far as it would be productive for Sadia in the long run. He had to speak the truth and so he told them that they both were friends, at least that is what Saqi always considered it to be. It was just a very respectful friendship and he always wanted Sadia to respect that.

To be honest, he himself felt uncomfortable to say all that what Sadia used to tell him about her kin. He thought when her parents couldn’t listen and understand their daughter in so many years, what and how would they understand a person whom they know for just an hour and why would they trust him. There was no reason for them to have trusted Saqi and actually they didn’t as was getting reflected from their part of conversation. But Saqi had faith and knew that at least God knew that he hasn’t done anything wrong for which he actually should feel guilty and this was what gave him strength to move along. So it doesn’t actually matter what her parents think and whether they trust him or not. Even Sadia very well knew that Saqi was right in every word he spoke. She just couldn’t take him as a friend and none can ever blame her for that. So when Saqi told her parents that it’s just a good friendship between them, she just couldn’t take it. She was just tears. But this was what Saqi always used to say her also whenever they spoke on phone and so he felt that it’s best to speak truth at the moment. Though strange, but with course of time, he expected everything would be fine. Saqi felt that if not other things, but it was quite important for all of them to know that they just share a good friendship and there was nothing as such what all of them seemed to have thought. And as expected, instead of being supportive and making her feel comfortable, they all embarrassed and fired her with questions as to why and how did she even dare to think her way.  And amidst all this, all Sadia was left with, were her tears. They just couldn’t comprehend what she would be going through, what would be her state of mind at the moment and how asking her such kind of questions would impact her.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

14. The Infuriated Conversation

As they stepped inside and walked from entrance towards the lobby, it was absolute silence. Her mother came forward and Saqi greeted her with “Salaam” and she asked him to sit and if he would like to have something. In the mean while, her aunt came with a glass of water and offered it to him. He was really thankful to her as he felt calmed down after drinking that. Within a minute, there were around four people apart from Sadia who sat opposite to him. It was her parents, her aunt and some cousin brother. Saqi could easily smell the fumes coming from their every word. In that state of nervousness, Saqi prayed to God that if HE was with him, he would manage whatever is awaited, and to just give him strength to deal with all this.

He was really surprised when Sadia’s mom thanked him and said that she knew that it’s mostly because of him that their daughter knows so much about their religion and regularly offers Salah and reads Qur’an. Saqi thought from inside that he wished if she also knew that this was his basic intension of talking to their daughter and there was nothing that they all seemed to be thinking. And as expected, came their next set of questions which was most awaited. They wanted to know if there is anything going on between Sadia & Saqi. If not, then what is the reason that they talk for so long and why he was there. In a way it was justified and obvious on their part to have asked that. How would they know that Saqi’s official DC branch is located there and he was there priory for some official work. They would have just seen their daughter talk to a person and would hardly know much about him. So it was justified on their part to have reacted that way.  

It was actually quite easy to answer to their every question as all Saqi had to do was to speak just the truth and everything would have been fine. But fine for whom; just for Saqi, which he never wanted. What about Sadia..? ..Sadia was just tears at the moment. She just couldn’t stop them. So Saqi thought it would be better if he doesn’t speak anything. His keeping silent would let all of them feel that he was guilty but at least it would save Sadia from hundreds of questions and torture that she would go through after Saqi would leave. He didn’t want to ruin anything and as always wanted the best for his friend.

But keeping absolutely silent was also not possible. Of course he had to speak something and answer their questions. So Saqi thought that instead of losing temper, it would be best to speak least possible and to just speak the truth. Each time he looked at that innocent girl crying, it stopped Saqi from saying anything. He remembered what Sadia used to say. Without any reason, she had to go through so much in her home. Imagine if Saqi would have spoken everything why he used to talk with her and the condition when he started to talk with her. How they all knowingly or unknowingly had made that innocent girl’s life miserable.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

13. Moving Towards Hell

Saqi thought that he should leave the place as her dad wasn’t even ready to talk but then thought it would be really hard for Sadia to deal with it alone and that he should also respect that the aged person standing next is her father, though he didn’t talk to him. Moreover, the thought that their intentions were pure and there was actually nothing of which they should have felt sorry, gave strength to Saqi and he agreed to sit inside the car and they moved towards Sadia’s home. As car’s speedometer crossed about 100 km/hr but still under control, but what wasn’t under control were Sadia’s tears. She just couldn’t stop them. There wasn’t much Saqi could have done as firstly he was now with a much elderly person and moreover he was Sadia’s dad, so Saqi was supposed to talk politely with as much respect as possible. All Saqi could think and do at the moment was to pray to God that everything should be fine. Though her dad didn’t say a word, but his annoyance and rage was getting reflected by the way car was being driven. In the mean while, Saqi got a call from his colleague who asked if he reached safely and when can they start with their official work. Saqi, though not very sure now, told him that he would reach office by early evening and they can start with the work. “Where do you have to go”, asked her dad. So Saqi, thanking God, that at least her dad took the onus to ask something, told him that he has some official work and should reach office by evening. Saqi thought that in a way her dad’s behavior was justifiable because he doesn’t know anything. It wouldn’t have been justified if after getting to know everything, he still reacted the same way. Her dad’s reaction seemed quite obvious and of course he had every right to act that way as he was her father. Convincing himself, this was all Saqi kept thinking apart from praying that at least they all should reach safely wherever they are heading towards, till they somehow reached their residence where her mother and some other relatives were already waiting. Imagine the mind state of Saqi; he was being treated as if cops take some criminal from crime area to some interrogation centre and he doesn’t know anything about that place. He was there for the first time and hardly knew anyone there apart from Sadia. Though he didn’t say a word, but prayed to God to give him strength and to control his words and temper so that they would not take a toll on Sadia later. He didn’t know what would they do inside and so he asked God to make him speak what HE considers would go best for Sadia, which none knew except HIM. Before stepping inside, Saqi told Sadia not to cry and keep faith in God; they haven’t done anything to be felt ashamed of and so they should act normal though he himself wasn’t sure of what wrath waited inside.