Saturday, December 20, 2008

Author's Message & Gratitude

In your life, you often come across some beautiful people who leave an impact in your life and really mean a lot to you and then you share a revered relationship with them. Even if they are not with you any more or you cannot take those relationships a leap ahead due to some reasons, still you feel that it’s worth to make those revered relationships unforgettable and a part of your life. Sadia’s Saqi is one such respectable effort. 

There are times when you happily talk to your near & dear ones. It’s never a big deal to have pleasant talks and understand them without even questioning about anything in the times when everything in your relationship is going all right. The real test of any relationship, whether friendship, love, marital or any other is when things don’t get along as expected and there are some misunderstandings in between. It’s this time when your trust and faith towards your relationship is put to test. A successful relationship is the one that overcomes even those hard times of misunderstandings. The depth of your love towards the other in such times gets reflected, when going beyond your esteem and ego, you try to understand the other person and make it a point to sort out things as soon as possible. Such hard times are just to make you realize the importance of other person, whether it be your friend, spouse etc., in your life.  You should optimistically take it as a blessing in disguise as it made you feel and realize the importance of your relationship and so you should try to get over those times as soon as possible. Just think over the times in your relationship, when things used to get along in the best way possible; the time you would have thought that you would never stop talking and misunderstand the other person whatever may be the condition. There are no egos in relationship that would make you think that why would you be the one to take the first step and talk to the other person; instead, he/she should come and sort out things, if he/she wants. Remember, your relationship is not a business that you would either think, that last time, it was you to have sorted out things and this time the other person should take the step, if he/she wants. This ego just kills the relationship. Rather you should be proud of yourself if every time you make it a point to sort out all misunderstandings in order to make your relationship alive again and take it a leap ahead.

I am really sorry if “Sadia’s Saqi” offended or aggravated anyone’s feeling or if any one got hurt in any way while the course of reading. Believe me, really, it was not written to offend or hurt anyone in any way. It also gives me immense pleasure to thank “Sadia” & “Saqi” – the names, as they helped me truthfully emote myself the way I wanted. And of course I would like to thank all the followers of “Sadia’s Saqi”, especially Dina, Lena, Huda, Saima, Poonam, Laiqa, Qurat, Safita, Dona, Jawed, BigB and all other readers. I am sorry if I missed out on any name. To be honest, without your support and encouragement, this would not have been possible at all. I just wanted to see different insights and how everyone whose responses, concern and comments really mean a lot to me, react and perceive things differently. Sometimes with a suggestion, sometimes with comments, sometimes your avid and wait for more to come in next posts, sometimes appreciations, sometimes your inclination towards Saqi’s character and sometimes towards Sadia, you all did the most that was possible from your side to make it better and encourage me to improvise and write more. Sincerely, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for your help and support. I had in mind that this would get extended to around 17-20 chapters, but I had written only 10 when I started posting it. I thought none would get time to even read it and it’s no point emoting and expressing myself here. It was all due to your sincere comments and support that encouraged me to write its remaining part and as now I have all most finished it, I wish I could give it a happy end to at least meet up to the expectations of my readers and finally make all of them smile. I am really sorry for that; Shuhab just couldn’t do it, had he given it a happy end for now, this wouldn’t have remained a truth anymore. But at the same time I must say that this is not the end. It’s said that everything is fine in the end; if it’s not fine, then it is not the end. So just hope for the best.


I think that there are times when none is wrong. Everyone seems to be right in their own way. Everyone has their own set of reasons and apt justifications which at that point of time seem to be pertinent for them, and you can’t question or blame them in any way. I guess, may be, its conditions at those times which are just skewed and not in anyone’s favor and you really can’t do anything, but to see them happen and just be ready to expect the unexpected. And you never know what God has set out for you.

HE is the one with all knowledge of the unseen and HE is the one to decide your destiny. I would like to quote here words from Allama Sir Mohammed Iqbal, which say;


faanoos bankay jiski hifaazat hawa karey …..

woh shamma kya bhujeygi, jisse roshan Khuda karey


Time has always proved that HE is always just in HIS every decision. May be at the moment you would feel that it was injustice towards you, but with the course of time you get to know that what HE decided was actually the best for you in some way or the other. All you have to do is to be patient and have faith in God. HIS decisions are always the best and HE would surely set all things right around everyone.


Lastly, before I finish, I sincerely thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart for your kind support and encouragement to make “Sadia’s Saqi” possible. May God bless you all.

Khuda Hafiz.


Huda said...

I appreciate ur effort in putting forth this story to us.

And that poetry goes like this
"Fanoos ban ke jiski hifazat hawa kare
Wo Shamma kya bujhe jise roshan KHUDA kare"

Huda said...

How many times do we miss GOD blessings because they are not packaged as we expected?

Lena said...

Well don't thank me... 'cause I'm the lucky one here... thank you dear friend for giving me Sadia's Saqi to follow for some time. Made me live a whole lot of emotions, from smiles to tears. Thanks for giving me the chance to comment on it, even in my hummble mind...
Thanks above all for giving me the privelidge of having you as a friend ;-) Your the best...

Laiqa said...

well don't thank me i'm feeling lucky to be a part of this story... through this story i learn alot of lessons which will help me near in the future or in any relationship... so thats y i wanna thank you... "THANK YOU DEAR FRIEND"... i am really lucky to have you as a gud friend in my life... thanks